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What if you did something different? Self-Efficacy

Is it hard for you to complete a task? Do you find yourself struggling to reach the goals you have for yourself? Do you feel you can comfortably control your behavior? Do you feel that your life impacts the situations you are in...and can you influence? Who decides what you think, feel, and do? Is it you?

If you answered no to any of these questions or believe there are areas you do this in and others you don't, you may have a low belief in yourself...low self-efficacy.

Self-efficacy is defined by the APA as, "an individual’s subjective perception of his or her capability to perform in a given setting or to attain desired results". If you find yourself struggling to believe you can accomplish something, something that you feel you should be able, then low self-efficacy brought on by life experiences and internal struggle could be the reason.

But there is hope! If you would like to build your self-efficacy and find non-judgmental help for the things you are facing call, email, or visit our website to talk to us at The King's Forge Counseling.

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